Miller Housing Advisors LLC consults a diverse array of developers nationally including:

  • Private for-profit developers
  • Non-profit developers
  • 501(c)3s
  • Housing authorities
  • CHODOs

Miller Housing Advisors LLC creates value by increasing the certainty of successful executions for developers on the following types of affordable housing projects:

  • Senior and family
  • Rehabilitation
  • New construction
  • Section 8
  • Section 236

Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Miller Housing Advisors LLC will tailor its integrated consulting services to a developer’s specific needs. These services may include, but are not limited to the following:

Project Feasibility

  • Assist developers in determining financial feasibility and structuring of their transaction.
  • Prepare financial analysis, including operating pro-formas and development budgets.
  • Ensure project meets state regulations and qualified allocation plan.

Lender and Equity Selection

  • Identify and facilitate selection of tax credit equity investors, construction lenders, and permanent bond lenders.
  • Analyze pertinent financing structures and products in the market.
  • Design and coordinate a cohesive working group of industry leaders.

Due Diligence and Legal Review

  • Coordinate inter-creditor arrangements with subordinate debt lenders.
  • Prepare due diligence documentation and analysis.
  • Negotiate legal documentation.

Closing Process

  • Coordinate all closing documentation.
  • Prepare detailed closing budget and requisition.


Personal Responsiveness

Unlike larger firms where your deal may get lost in shuffle and not receive the time-sensitive attention it demands, Miller Housing Advisors LLC stresses the importance of building long-term, customized client relationships. We are not satisfied unless our clients are satisfied – on every deal. We provide careful, responsive, and high quality service that produces successful results for your current and future project needs.


Strategic Industry Knowledge

Miller Housing Advisors LLC understands the strategic intricacies of affordable housing deals and utilizes our industry expertise to ensure timely and cost-effective project outcomes for our clients.

Comprehensive Simplicity

Miller Housing Advisors LLC provides comprehensive analysis and coordinates all of the financing details so you can concentrate on what you do best- developing affordable housing. After all, your time is money. We have a successful track record for servicing project requirements in a thorough way that minimizes complexities and maximizes your value.

Fee Structure

Financial Advisory Fee

The cost of Miller Housing Advisors LLC services varies according to project scope and thus is estimated on an ad-hoc basis. This fee is typically a predetermined lump-sum fee, due and payable at the closing of the transaction with some milestone payments. Some work can be done based on an hourly rate.


The project developer is responsible for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses including: travel expenses (e.g. airfare, lodging, and meals), courier and delivery expenses, and other customary direct out-of-pocket expenditures.


At project onset, Miller Housing Advisors LLC collects a retainer that is non-refundable, but fully credited against the financial advisory fee.

Knowledge & Experience

Miller Housing Advisors LLC was founded in January 2005 and is managed by Marnie Miller. Marnie’s extensive knowledge of the multifamily affordable housing finance sector stems from her experience in the financing and execution of over $1 billion in project transactions.

Prior to launching Miller Housing Advisors LLC, she served as Senior Vice President of CharterMac, a publicly traded company (CHC) on the American Stock Exchange. During her six-year tenure with CharterMac, Marnie successfully originated and structured multifamily bond transactions for a diverse national client base, most notably for large projects located in the western and southwestern United States.From June 1996 to June 1999, she specialized in corporate and structured finance for Citibank NA’s New York City and London offices. Marnie earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan in May 1996.

Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Marnie since the beginning of her career in affordable housing. Marnie is a hard worker who is dedicated to her clients. Working with Miller Housing gives me confidence that the work will be done accurately, on time and professionally.”

Caleb Roope / Developer, The Pacific Companies (California)

“Marnie has been a thought partner of mine for over a decade.  Her broad knowledge of financing options is a welcome addition that produces a collaborative relationship focused on production results.  Marnie understands the speed by which developments work and has always met her timelines!”

Dixie Lira-Baus / Non-Profit Developer, Eden Housing (California)

“I met Marnie through my mentor and partner, Danny Fred, and have reminded myself quite often how lucky that day has been for our company!   Marnie is a truly remarkable financial expert and incredibly focused on the details that matter in the tax credit world.   We are extremely honored and humbled each time she can take on one of our projects either in California or Hawaii”. 

Chris Flaherty / Developer, 3 Leaf Holdings (California & Hawaii)

“I have had the honor of working with Marnie for nearly 2 decades, first on the bond financing side and most recently as a consultant for our housing financing deals.  Marnie, has helped structure our deals to be a success starting with the initial financial model all the way through the closing process.  She is very organized, knowledgeable and most importantly a team player who puts the needs of her clients to the forefront each and every time. I highly recommend Marnie and her company without hesitation and know you would do the same after working with her.”

Chris Alley / Non-Profit Developer, Central Valley Coalition of Affordable Housing (California)

“Marnie has assisted us in getting our projects to the finish line and we thoroughly enjoy working with her! Mahalo!”

Stanford Carr / Developer, Stanford Carr Development (Hawaii)

“CREA, LLC has worked with Marnie on several of the most complicated financing structures in our portfolio, all with tight timelines.  She drove the process each time and kept all the parties focused to successful closings.  We would recommend her to any of our clients who need someone of her caliber.”

Brad Bullock / Tax Credit Equity Syndicator, CREA (Nationwide)

“I always enjoy working with Marnie, but I particularly appreciate her on the toughest deals. She is good at handling people in times of stress and has the technical proficiency to back up her interpersonal skills. That’s what you really need when things are starting to fall apart.”

Justin Cooper / Bond Counsel, Orrick (California & Hawaii)

“Marnie’s knowledge of housing finance is grounded in significant “big firm” experience. She is creative, positive, resourceful and demonstrates a true customer service orientation in her approach to matching the financing to the project rather than the project to the financing.”

Mary Roosevelt / Non-Profit Developer, Thistle (Colorado)

“I have worked with Marnie for many years. She is one of the most knowledgeable and talented professionals I know in the complex world of affordable housing finance. We would not consider undertaking a bond transaction without Marnie’s advice and counsel.”

Bill Lee / Developer, Covenant Communities, Texas


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